Make your lips fuller with Lip Blush.

Lip Blush is a type of semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing procedure achieved by carefully depositing pigments in your lips using a needle-like professional tool.

While also sometimes called Lip Tattooing, this is more of a cosmetic enhancement rather than traditional tattoo art. Lip Blush focuses on altering both colour and shape to create fuller and more youthful looking lips.

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Advantages of Lip Blush

Natural looking results that last for 2-4 years.

Restores and corrects colour imperfection.

More defined, more vibrant and more youthful lips.

Kiss-proof, smudge-proof & waterproof pigment.

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What our clients say

I have had and STILL have the best experiences with Vanna! 😍 So incredibly professional and takes care with every service. My powder brows look amazing and I don’t go anywhere else for nails because Vanna and Bella make sure they are perfect. Thank you x a million! So happy. 😍

Jade M.

Vanna is amazing at her work, such a perfectionist which is highly needed for the work she does. I wouldn't recommend anyone else. great personality, talented person, beautiful work!
LOVE my eyebrows!!!

Tiffany J.

Absolutely the best... I've done my research and vanna is honestly the most professional. Going to the shop she was very welcoming, funny and designed my brows on point. Being in a industry that requires beauty. I've recommended her to all my friends. It was pain free while tattooing. Will always use her. I travelled over an hour to get to her and will do again.

Jacqueline L.

Thank you so much Vanna for your fabulous work. I love my new eyebrows. As soon as I walked I was welcomed by bubbly and friendly Vanna. Her work is amazing. Will be going back and highly recommend her work and expertise.

Tatjana O.

Omg if you want amazing lips and brows go see this beautiful lady. 😍😘

Candice R.

Vanna is so amazing at what she does. She takes her time to perfect and sculpt brows to suit YOUR face! I've been a few microblading places and she is certainly the best by far. Definitely my go-to from now on. Thanks Vanna!!

Ali A.

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What is Lip Blush?

A semi-permanent form of makeup gives lips more definition, fuller and enhanced shape, colour boost or change the tone of lips. It is also referred as Candy Lips, Kissable Lips, Aquarelle Lips, or Watercolour Lips. As an experienced professional, we use a digital machine to deposit tiny dots of colour all over your lips to give a natural and beautiful tint with no visible outline. After the procedure, colour appears bright and will soften by about 30-50% for natural look. The look is more like a tinted lip balm rather than a solid lipstick. Lip blush can last between 2-4 years with recommended touchups every 18-24 months. We offer a variety of colours to choose and mix from.

Can I still get a filler?

Yes! Lip blush and filler pair wonderfully together and many girls have both! Just make sure to get your lip blush 4 weeks before or after your filler appointment.

How long does Lip Blush last?

Lip blush lasts 2-4 years or longer with touchups recommended every 18-24 months. Individual results will vary depending on age, lifestyle, skin type, sun exposure, beauty routine, products used and more.

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